miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

Archgoat - Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration) 1992

1.Intro (Invocation)
2.Rise of the black moon
3.Death and Necromancy
5.Black Messiah
6.Jesus Spawn
7.Outro (The Prophecy)

Armagedda - Volkermord (demo) 2000

2.Volkermord, Part 1
3.Volkermord, Part 2
6.Over Endless Fields of Sorrow
7.Find Strength Through Satans Power
8.Ea, Lord of the Depths (Burzum cover)


Pesttanz - Verweilt In Eurem Blut [demo] (1998)

1. Die Ankunft des schwarzen Todes 01:00
2. Creation of Night 04:34
3. Pesttanz 06:28
4. Their Emptiness 05:35
5. Abtritt nach einer siegreichen Schlacht 01:41


Tyranath (USA) - A Sign Of War (2005)


martes, 29 de julio de 2008

Inferi (Fin) - Rise Of Deceased demo 2004

1.Drift Of Sun
2.Rise Of Deceased
PASS: vhohell

Inferi (Fin) - Slow Decay demo 2003

1.Decayed Before Blossom
2.Slow Decay...
3.As Blood Deserts Life
PASS: vhohell

Nachtmystium - Demise 2004

2.Solitary Voyage
3.Scorpio Incarnate
4.Ashes to Ashes
5.The Glorious Moment
6.Rise and Fall
7.Transmission Postmortem (Outro)

PASS: vhohell


Arisk Priest /Slavogorje - Tijara Drevnih SPLIT 2008

Besatt - Sacrifice For Satan 2004

1.Gloria Causa Satani]
2.Toast of Victory
3.Time for Gathering
4.Fallen Angel
5.The Kingdom of Hatred
6.The Circle of Disdain
7.Spiritual Explosion
8.Hellish Whispers

PASS: vhohell


Detonator666 - Supremacy & Tyranny (2008)

1. Triumph Of Diabolical Chaos
2. Necrocosmos
3. Satanik Alkometal Hellkult
4. Tearing Your Soul Apart
5. I Feast Upon His Agony
6. Too Fucked Up To Stay Alive
7. Supremacy & Tyranny
8. Hills Have 666 Eyes


miércoles, 23 de julio de 2008

Fullmoon (Pol) - United Aryan Evil 1995

1.Aryans Ride Over Falling Israel
2.The Wolfish Initation
3.Carpathian Windspirit
4.The Pagan Mountain
5.Blood For Immortality
6.In Thy Silver Glare
pass: vhohell

Blodsrit - Ocularis Infernum 2003

1.Ocularis Infernum - Tragedies to Come
2.Secrets Unveiled
3.In Dark Silence I Die
4.Dying Bree
5.The Rape of Vestal Purity
6.I sorg, för syndens saknad
7.Infernal Reign
8.Rulers of the Desolate Lands
9.The Glorious Rise of the Flames

pass: vhohell


Cult of Daath - The Grand Torturers of Hell 2001

2.Temple of the Sadist
3.Summoning the Bloodred Moon
4.Ritualistic Impurity
5.Sadomatic Rites (Beherit cover)
6.The Feasting Pits
7.Uphold the Oath of Evil



Goatholocaust / Vociferian - Maitre Bouc split 2004

1.Black Flies Ov Hell
2.Vulva Profanum
3.Holocaustik Sodokült
4.Babylonian Rites
5.Gorgone’s Lair
6.Baphomet Grand Kruxxxificator
7.Walpurgis Sabbatical Sacrifice
8.Mother Regression
9.Pissed Stained Shroud
10.Devotionnal Crusade Ov Exkommunication
11.Pride Ov The Unholy Path

Wurzelkraft - Primitiv und Edel wie nie zuvor 2008

1.Einklang 02:28
2.Traum 03:53
3.Verwüstung 03:44
4.Was einst ward... 05:22
5.Zwischenstück 02:10
6.Urgewalt 03:38
7.Die alte Eiche 05:32
8.Runenlied 02:25
9.Blut Krieg Sieg 04:49
10.Verwüstung Demoversion (Bonus) 03:39
pass: vhohell

miércoles, 16 de julio de 2008

Misery's Omen - Hope Dies 2008

1.Hope Dies
2.And The Stars Bled
3.Death Silly
4.That Witch Lies Beyond
5.Fiendish Ghoul
6.A Cobbled Path
7.Celestial Trinity
8.Planes of Gold
9.Desecrated Icon in Ruin
10.Ancient City of Cyclopean Fear

Terdor - Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942 2008

1.Into The Trench0
2.De Trollenoorlog
3.Amgedpha No More
4.World War Propaganda
5.Weemoed In Het Antieke Woud
6.Trench Love
7.Out of the Trench
8.War (Revised version)


Ravenbanner - ...And The Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past 2008

1.Our Swords Cut Deep in Christian Flesh
2.The Werewolf Has Risen Again
3.The Destiny of Our Path
4.White Power Black Metal
5.Where Blood Writes Our Names
6....And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past
7.For The Might of Heathen Blood Chapter I (Demo)
8.For The Might of Heathen Blood Chapter II (Demo)
9.Wolf in Dungeon Chapter I (Demo)
10.Wolf In Dungeon Chapter II (Demo)


Iuvenes - Triumph of the Will EP 2006

1.Glory to the War
2.Pure Aryan Blood
3.Cuchulainn´s War Chariot
4.Triumph of the Will


Nattefrost - Hell Noise And Live Terrorism (2008)

1. Puritanical Blasphemy
2. It All Ends Like This
3. Cunts, Sluts & Wankers
4. Sdsprudeårhundremedår
5. The Devil And The Beast Within
6. Dinsadansdjeveldyrkår (Reh. 2004)
7. Sluts Of Hell (Live)
8. Disgusting Infernal Chaos (Live)
9. Nekronaut (First Version) (Live)
10. Dinsadansdjeveldyrkår (Live)


Drowning The Light - The Serpents Reign (2008)

1. The Mark That Lies Beneath
2. White Tomb of a Whispering Forest
3. Winter Rain & Tides of Change
4. The Nostaliga of the Old That Runs Through Our Veins
5. The Birth of a New Age
6. Fields of Forgotten Melancholy
7. Unforgotten Treachery
8. Embraced by a Tragic End
9. Wandering Alone and Forgotten Forever
10. Ghosts of the South


Hammer - Shoax (2008)

1. Roviot
2. Kirouksen Yö
3. Kun palaa Jerusalem
4. Uhraus
5. Shoax
6. Taistelukentällä
7. Kolmesta Terästä
8. Nuclear War against Israel
9. Juutalaisen Kalpenevat Kasvot
10. Verisillä Käsillä


Warage - Black Metal War 2006

1.Black Metal War 04:35
2.Reich 06:08
3.Revolution 03:15
4.Genocide 04:21
5.Purifier par le feu 03:02
6.Aropsaid 02:04
7.Cenotaphe 03:54
8.Eternal Winter 04:07
9.Metrocosmopolis 03:45
10.Stone of Dark Land 04:21

Awaiting the Glorious Damnation of Mankind Split 2001

1.Veni Vidi Vici 04:49
2.Command The Utter Destruction 02:25
Axis of Advance
3.Tactics Forth 02:57
Demon Realm
4.Commence The Final War 02:10

Graveland- Wotan Mit Mir - 2008


miércoles, 2 de julio de 2008

Pantheon - Aryan Rebirth (2005)

Disc 1:
01. Storms of Steel (The Atavism into Ginnungagap Pt.4)
02. Aryan Rebirth
03. Nifeltod
04. The Outcast (Of Heathen Blood)
05. Vanangriff
06. Mjollneric Might
07. Decline of the West (Europe Will Rise)
08. Walker of the Rope (Plains Drifting Lonewolf Outlaw of the Unchained Frontiers)Müspelsturmsreich
09. Müspelsturmsreich
10. A Darkened Sunset Hovers upon the New Aryaland
11. The Return of He Who Walks with Fire
12. 911 Prelude to Rahowa
Disc 2:
01. Jotunkrieg
02. Aciremanic Triumph of the Will
03. The Solemn Godi
04. As the Ice Hammer Falls
Stairwell 88
05. The Crossing of Bifrost by Hjaltedod
06. Song of Predators and Prey
07. The Bow Taker
08. Stairwell 88
09. Visionary Flight of Hugin and Munin (Outro)